Grateful Dyed
what kraft say about kool-aid hair dye

Oops. The menu to the left will work if you click on either the kraft logo or the main grateful dyed picture and then try clicking on a cherry again... don't know why it never works first go. Sorry, and yeah, i know it's not good.

Moving on, and heading through the middle of 2005. Damn. See, slackness has a price, and i have paid it. In full, way in full. Everyday good folk mail me their stories and their questions and, over the years, i have been saving them up. And that's all i've been doing. And so they are effectively lost to the world as i try to sort the darn site out. Man, that so sucks.

Anyhow, a couple of your fine photos and some awesome quotes are here, but in a kinda jumbled form... i'd say it's all worth looking for, but whatever.

On the plus side, this sorry state of affairs has inspired me (no, really) to update the site in a timely manner (i read the phrase in a a magazine) in the future. Doesn't help much now though, does it? Instructions on site use are below. They may help... and at least i've got them.

Once the menu works, use it to 'navigate'. Clicking on a stupid cherry heading will give you a list of strawberry choices. If you don't wanna look at the site but do wanna let me know something then either email me or fill in the form. That would be most good. Thanks for coming to check it out... kool-aid, reasonable hair color that doesn't last all that well...

Just by the by, you can read what kraft have to say about kool-aid hair dye by clicking on the kraft logo link above. It's all good.